Can I copy assets/network image from one Metamask to another?

I currently have 4 networks and a bunch of assets in each one, on my PC chrome Metamask plugin. Is there a way to map this image and copy it to other PC’s that I use, or even the Android app?
So that brings a second question: Where can I go with my wallet address to find ALL of my assets, no matter what network they are on? I’ve deleted it before and have long forgotten about some coins and NFT’s that I’ve purchased and recently came across them and added them back to my wallet.
Thanks for any insight.

Hey! You can see your tokens on Blockchain explorers. There are different explorers for different networks, examples:

Ethereum you can use etherscan(dot)io

Binance Smart Chain you can use bscan(dot)com

Avalanche you can use explorer(dot)avax(dot)network

There are many of these for the different networks. On Coingecko(dot)com if you go under the information area (area you can see contract info) there is a line titled “explorers” the options for the token will be listed there.

Once you have your network, you can copy/paste your public address in and see all tokens in that address on that network. If there are tokens you never bought and weren’t expecting, I’d be careful interacting with the contract. Hope this helps!


Also for your other question see these two articles from MMasks knowledge base. It looks like mobile sync isn’t working right now and it’s an issue they’re working on so I wouldn’t follow those steps until they’ve updated.


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