Balances showing zero but show on etherscan

I re-installed my PC last year where i used metmask on the crome extension.
I installed metamask extension onto the reinstalled pc and my coins had all gone from the wallet. I added each token by the contract address following the guides. Each token i added has always shown zero balances. The tokens show up on etherscan correctly but i cannot add them to my metamask wallet.
What is the problem here? Is there another method i can use to move my tokens from metamask as i want to put them in another online wallet.
I have a ledger nano but it has never worked for me.
MM support is hard work and now emails not being answered and where they have been answered, have not dealt with my problem.

have you tried to access your Metamask account from mobile device?

Same problem here lost all my ETH and i went to different address after recovering my Metamask using recovery phrase.

Sorry not gonna upload my seed phrase. Totally scam. Im not dumb.