Reset/re-download metamask, have original seed, tokens gone

Meta Mask appeared to have crashed. Could’nt make any transactions. I reset to avail, I removed and re-downloaded. I used the original seed phrase, added bnb and Warrr to wallet and still have no balance showing. I think this is a cool system, however being a noob have presented some challenges. Im missing the part where my coins show a balance. it showed a balance of warrr before, when i attempted to add bnb for gas it froze up. After re-installing both balances have not shown up. please help me find the clicker on the site that magically makes my coins reappear. thank you

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If you have the address of your wallet you can check it on bscscan or ethscan to see if your money is still in the wallet.

After re-installing MetaMask, you will need to add the custom tokens again for them to show.

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