Missing coins after re-installing metamask with seed phrase

Long story short I had to uninstall + reinstall MetaMask.

When I re-installed MetaMask using my 12 word phrase, all of my coins were missing (I had BNB and GUARD in there)

I know I reimported the right account since I can see my transaction history on BScScan.

But my coins still are all at 0 after refreshing multiple times.

I’ve gone through all the advice I could find here.

I tried importing the custom tokens using the contact address but my $$ still isn’t showing.

I’ve also tried ‘importing accounts’ and no luck either (I don’t have the private key, if GUARD is an imported account)

Can someone help please?

Hi @hhh921 and welcome to the MetaMask community,

I am assuming that after reinstalling the app the public address that is displayed on top (Account1) is the same as the one you had in MetaMask before uninstalling. If yes, then you just need to re-add the custom networks you previously had. This is because, after reinstalling it MetaMask essentially considers your wallet to be a completely new instance of the app, and will not retain any of the data that was previously stored locally — custom networks being one example.

Now, in order to see your BNB you would need to re-add the Binance Smart Chain network. And since BNB is the native token for BSC it should be displayed automatically after you add it.
Regarding the other token: I see that this GUARD token is also on BSC → in order to see your balance, you would need to import it, using its contract address.


Hi, I have gone through the steps on that link and it still hasn’t worked.

Do you know if GUARD would have been typically via an imported account?

If so, I don’t have my private keys that I would need to retrieve an imported account.

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The link I shared above only guides you how to add a custom token, but did you add the Binance Smart Chain network first? Will leave a link for that too.

There is no way for me/us to know whether your tokens were on an imported account :frowning: My suggestion is to type in your address on the BSC scan website and click on the tokens menu to see if GUARD is listed there. If you can see it there and the public address is the same as the one in your MetaMask wallet, then the tokens should be displayed after adding them using the contract address.


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