Batch sell tokens - wallet sweep

I was looking at several of the bags of dust that have accumulated over time in my wallet, and was thinking it would be handy to have something to be able to tag a few items and batch sell them to ETH, DAI, or whatever to make it worth the gas instead of selling them off one by one, which is not worth it and why they still sit there.

Could be handy to get rid of dust, or even to sell off a few tokens you want to get out of all at once. You could take advantage of the existing swap capabilities inside of MM to make it convenient for users to clean things up and reclaim those little piles into a bigger pile :slight_smile: Could be used on any chain/wallet accessible from MM.

Hey @tshawnh, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Thanks for the feature request, this would definitely be something useful that I am also interested in. I know some exchanges offer this service too, looking forward to seeing if there’s more interest for this! :slight_smile:

This would be a wonderful feature. I’m leaving the dust in my wallet because it’s not worth the fees to try and clean it up. The Gate IO exchange has a feature to sweep all tokens you hold that are less than a dollar into their native token, GT. Over time, you’ll have enough GT to trade it for a token you want.

Maybe the planned MetaMask token can serve this same role.

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