Blank screen when trying to access metamask

Iam having trouble accessing my metamask wallet account. I click on the icon and I get a blank screen. I am using firefox ver 100 as my web browser.


Hi @cryptofox79 do you have MetaMask Seed Phrase or not?

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hi Luigi ,yes i do!!

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You don’t have any imported keys there? Did you try to reinstall it?

no, i didnt try to reinstall…not exactly sure if i have imported keys?

When you’re not sure :slightly_smiling_face: first try Chrome browser + MetaMask wallet

sorry, but i don’t understand what your mean by try" Chrome browser + MetaMask wallet"

Install Google Chrome browser and Metamask wallet extension
and use your old MetaMask Seed Phrase :slightly_smiling_face:

i have downloaded and installed google chrome and metamask extension, when I am at the page “New to metamask,” i clicked import wallet icon and i imported my existing wallet using my old recovery phase,i had to create a new password.
once i did that, I am able to log into my metamask account on google

chrome, however i dont see the other networks i had saved on the wallet such as binance smart chain. also in the activity and asset menu, i dont see any history of transactions i have made.

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This is normal. You need to manually add the BSC chain. In addition, the assets in your address will not be displayed automatically. You also need to manually add the contract address to your wallet address.


Hi @cryptofox79 !

Glad you could get in (yeaaa, Luigi !). If visuals help at all, here is how you can add networks again as Tksly suggested


now that i have installed metamask and the extensions on google chrome i dont see the imported keys. i there a way to restore or retrieve keys? if i reinstall metamask on firefox will it retrieve all history of transactions and imported keys?

Didn’t you save your secret key? We should save the secret key at the first time when creating the wallet. If it is lost, it will be difficult to retrieve the account


So you had imported accounts there?
Imported account looks like this :point_down:

and additional account in your wallet :point_down: you add like this

You can also try the solution that is here:


ok , no i did not have any other imported accounts saved. Is there a way i can retrieve the address book and activities associated with the wallet from Firefox?

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