Metamask is not open - only white box

Metamask is not open - only white box
browser FireFox
Firefox Release
May 3, 2022

Hi @meta you have a MetaMask :fox_face: seed phrase or not?

First try MetaMask wallet + Chrome browser :slightly_smiling_face:
Then remove the MetaMask wallet from the Firefox browser
and again install MetaMask wallet to Firefox browser.

will try . is there an option to export PK or find them in my desktop?

Try Chrome browser :slightly_smiling_face:

How to Export an Account Private Key:

I want to export PK / SEED from my - from my white box metmask … is it possible ?

NO :see_no_evil: Do you have imported accounts there?

You can also try the solution that is here:

SEED YES :grin: :point_down: see my guide

Thanks, I will check it.

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