Bnb from KuCoin

I tried to send Bnb from KuCoin to my MetaMask I copied the address from MetaMask and pasted on KuCoin but it ended up at bscscan and now I don’t know how to get it from there to my MetaMask if someone can please help me out I’d greatly appreciate it

hello there

what do you mean with ended up on bscscan ? can you provbide the transaction link ?

are you sure you added the token to your metamask ?

Are you connected to the token’s respective network on metamask ?

I’m on the Eth network in my wallet I copied the receive code and pasted it in the correct spot on KuCoin and when I did it said copied from MetaMask so when I didn’t receive it I followed the transaction to bscscan and that’s been a week ago I emailed them twice but haven’t received a response from them so I tried to get help for the MetaMask community

ok, as i see on several discussions, it’s a normal thing because kucoin use same address for all ETH deposit… some wait 2 days, others 3 days… but at least they get it… even if it seems weird to get the deposit after 350 confirmations hehehehehhehe but i think you have just to wait…