I have transaction ID of ETH sent from Metamask (KCC-MAINNET) to KuCoin Exchange (~600USD worth of ETH) but it has not sent to KuCoin Exchange. KuCoin says there is not deposit

Hey guys,

So first of all, here is my transaction ID 0x60798e37115387895c6a9b89632a16518175b2ab5f68280462ccac35ef3f7c2a. That was sent from my metamask (KCC-MAINNET network) to my KuCoin (crypto exchange) wallet so the transaction is on their network viewed on KCC explorer (their version of etherscan). I can not post the link here (MM Community doesn’t allow me to).

I sent 0.243999999999999999 ETH (around 600USD).

However, it has not been deposited into my KuCoin wallet. When I contacted KuCoin they said that “we did not not receive your deposit on the blockchain”.

What can be going on here?



Weird. When I paste the address to KCC explorer it no longer works.

This is so confusing. When I click the link on metamask to see my transaction it no longer is there. The only record now is on Etherscan (tx ID: 0x64d224cf99cf1aa64993773922c3d6a55fb27d58896850e30574aade7015d6b6


okay. will try restoring

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that website doesn’t seem to have a good google presence. I will wait for metamask to reply.

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How to recover my eth… I transfered i from metmask to ronin bridge but it did not appear in my ronin wallet…it goes to other wallet

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In my case y send USDC to my kucoin wallet and i have not recibed yet

Hey @charliecrypto, please make a new topic for your separate issue.