BnB funds gone missing?

i just top up my bnb wallet. and after some spending on game and gas fee i took a break to eat lunch. when i login back my BNB went zero. can anyone explain it to me why?

If I was to guess, it looks like someone hacked you and stole your BNB. Did you go into any weird sites or enter your private key or recovery phrase into any websites?

You can check your wallet public address on BSCScan to check all transactions and you will see what happened and where the BNB went.

im just doing my typical routine on the game. not installing any third party or even clicking any sites. the only new i made was i recently top up my bnb coz i need to buy character on cryptoblade. after the successful buy and did some few attacks and went off for a break. when i log back. my the skill token i farm and the bnb are missing. the only remain is the new revent attack i made before logout

Did you check bscscan?

the same thing happened to me. I was playing crypto drake ball and did a few attacks before I shut down my laptop. and then after 3 hrs or so, when I opened my metamask my bnb has turned to 0 with no trace on metamask activity.

How do you trace it in BSCScan?