BNB transfered from Binance but not availanle at my wallet Metamask

Hello, guys. I need a help to solve a problem related to a transfer from Binance to Metamask. I am used to use my wallet in BSC network, have made some transfers succesfully to that wallet, and Bscscan recognizes the transfer, and says it happened succesfully. The transaction hash is 0x3127ad4356093bd8b76a001b33988977228b42155dd683912c875fe3fd62d5e6.

May I have a help from you to know how to do this? Thanks in advance for your help

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Check if your MM has added a bsc chain. If not, look up the method in user support and add it.
Switch to the bsc network to see your coins.

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I have cheched this. Actually, the only network I have used in this wallet wat BSC. The weird is that BSCscan recognizes the transaction, but the transferred asset is not in the BEP20 tokens, were it was supossed to be.
It happened in a wallet that I saved on Binance, brcause I have made other transferences before, so, this time I not even needed to inform the wallet and network, because the informations were equal to previous tranferences I have made.


When you are in MM, is it defaulting to Ethereum at the very top? Maybe you need to add the BSC network again? I can’t post links but in the Metamask forum here you can search “how to ad BSC network” or “how to ad smart chain network” to your MM wallet.

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Guys, in BSCscan I was comparing the menu “Transactions” and menu “Bep-20 Token Txns”. I thought The transferred BNB was supposed to be observable in the two menus. But someone in Metamask support proved I was wrong, and the balance was there for all that time. I’m sorry for the trouble. It happend because I didn’t have a good control of my balance and I just get convinced when I gave a look in my BNB balance in a link that looked like bscscan com balancecheck-tool. Thank you guys, sorry for taking your time.


Glad you solved it :slight_smile:

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