Bug: WalletConnect + MM mobile + multiple accounts bug

When using MM mobile + WalletConnect + multiple (derived) accounts, reloading the page can initialize the page to the wrong account. It should load to the last account and instead loads to the first account that was used in the session. This is a broken state because the dapp will no longer trigger signing events in the mobile app, unless the mobile app is switched back to the account.

Bug fix. This is a WalletConnect V2 integration issue. MM extension behaves properly in the same situation.


To replicate, create multiple accounts 1, 2, 3 in MM mobile. WalletConnect into a dapp with account 3. In the mobile app, switch to account 1. The dapp should respond and switch to account 1 as well or ask for sign in. After connecting account 1, reload the page. The dapp will active account 3 while MM mobile is still on account 1. Now it’s broken until the user switches back to account 3 – the first account used to sign in – in MM mobile. You can add another step switching to account 2 and the dapp will still load account 3 after page reload.

github /WalletConnect/walletconnect-monorepo/issues/3327
This is the same issue. My description and replication method are better.