BUSD STOLEN from my wallet

Hi guys, 6400 BUSD disappeared from my account, and I didn’t do any swap.
The hash of the wallet that was sent the BUSD is the one in the link below. I don’t know how they transferred my balance, my safety phrase was never shared. Would there be any place for me to see Metamask logs? to find out if they entered my account with another IP

The hash from BSCSCAN below


this hash below is from the previous transaction that the hacker somehow made without access to my wallet. I never went to ABFIN and somehow he hacked my wallet


Seems that you have a smart contract that had permissions to swap your BUSD into ABFIN.
I’m having the same issue, but with a scam project. When I went out from the project I was able to recover my BUSD but the WOOD (the scam project) seemed to swap from WOOD to ABFIN / AIR. Now I have both coins in my wallet but I can’t swap them in Pancake Swap. They want me to go to a specific website ( abfin me) and connect my wallet in order to take my funds away.