Buy button on polygone is greyed out

Hi! Any idea why the bug button is greyed out on polygone?

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The buy button is unavailable on Polygon because there is currently no option to buy directly onto Polygon network.

If you are interested, it is available on Ethereum network.

You mean on polygon u don’t have the option to buy any token??

The buy button is for buying crypto with fiat as a direct deposit to your MetaMask wallet.

You can still transact between crypto to crypto.


Clicking “Buy” on ETH network allows me to onramp via Transak, which presents me with options to buy USDC on the Polygon network.

What happens if I proceed with this selection, will USDC then appear in my Metamask in the Polygon network?

Yet the “Buy” button is greyed with Metamask connected on the Polygon network. Why is this?