Why doesn't paypal buy option work in Metamask?

Description: the is a buy with paypal button, you click it and it merely opens the overview page in paypal, it doesn’t even show a buy button, something that a $2 online shop can do? please hire more capable devs to make this feature work

Purpose: to actually be able to buy with paypal instead of having a useless paypal buy button that does nothing

Extension/Mobile/Both: PC web browser

Images/Attacments: not needed, it just sends you to your over page in paypal

Hey @Commissarr, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

This is a bug, and the PayPal button should normally work. Please reach out to MetaMask Support

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.