Can I import the account without the recovery key?

A few days ago I formatted my pc, at the time I saved the recovery phase however I did not save the account recovey key. I checked that there is a way to add an account but the method is only valid if you have ethe in the account, which I did not have. Is there any way to get my account back?

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The Secret Recovery Phrase is all you need to import an account.
Even an account with 0 Eth should be able to be imported. You would need to add any custom tokens to Metamask before they are displayed. (How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask)

You can always view the account from its public address on a block explorer to get an exact list of what’s in the account. (

You may also need to add custom chains, if you had any previously. The same address can be used for multiple chains. For example, I have NFTs on Gnosis (formerly xDai) and Ethereum mainnet, under the same address. (

BE CAREFFUL ABOUT SENDING ACROSS CHAINS. Just because they have the same address doesnt mean you can send directly across chains. (thats what bridges are for -

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