Metamask wallet gone after recover phase

hi all. anyone now why my wallet in metamusk gone after key in recovery phase…many times i try but still gone

Hi @qahhaar

Please read this article first and let us know if there is further any issue related to it.

Our support agent will never DM you first and never provide Secret Recovery Phrase / private key to anyone incuding our agents


hi bro…tq reply me. I want to be sure, is it because there is no value in the wallet that the wallet cannot be recovered… this is because the wallet address still has a contract with binance. and if there is only BNB value, can it be recovered?

Hi @qahhaar

If your accounts does not add up automatically, you can add/recover them manually. Please check

Accounts are automatically re-added if they have a non-zero ETH balance on ETH mainnet. For other network such as BNB, if its not automatically recovered, try to add manually.

If this is imported account, you can add/recover it manually

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Hi Mandip…thanks for helping me. for your information, my 5 wallet accounts have zero ETH and only have SWT tokens. I can only see the available amount on BSCScan. Do I need to add ETH only to the lost wallet or can BNB coins be accepted?

Hi @qahhaar
Let me see if I understood correctly: you restored your wallet using the Secret Recovery Phrase but you were not able to see the previous accounts you had. Then you re-added 5 accounts using the steps above? Besides adding the accounts you also need to add the networks on which you had funds on. So because you mentioned you can see the available amount on bsc scan you need to add the BNB Smart Chain network. First check if you have that account address now available in MetaMask and then follow these steps:

go to the top of your wallet where you see Ethereum Mainnet and click there. You will be prompted with a blue button Add a network. Click on that and then from the list of most popular networks please choose BNB Smart Chain network and then add it to your wallet. After you add the network, you will also need to display the SWT tokens, using their contract address which you can find by clicking the token on bsc scan and then go to the MetaMask wallet and import token.

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Hi urban.moods
There was no BNB coin value in my wallet when this case happened. However, I need the 5 lost wallet addresses because I am still bound by the contract. I have done the selection of BNB mainnet at the top once. Please guide me to ensure the recovery steps from the beginning so that I can get my wallet address.

May i ask if you tried to create accounts in a standard way by following this article
Adding accounts this way will generate all the accounts that were created using your Secret recovery phrase. If your all 5 accounts were created using your previous Secret recovery phrase, these account should appear on your wallet.
After this account (5 wallet address) appeared, you can add respective network from
To add BNB network, type BNB on search networks and connect your wallet.
Now, if you don’t see tokens in your wallet accounts, you can import manually in BNB network by following this article . First, you need to switch to BNB network for this

Please remember, if above 5 accounts was manually added using private key, then you have to again do the same to import your 5 accounts using private key. If not, the above mentioned creating wallets in standard way single secret recovery phrase is valid.

If you are still unable to generate accounts by following above method correctly, then kindly contact MetaMask support at and click the blue Start a Conversation button. A bot will try to help you initially, but you will get connected to support. Our agents will never DM you support. Never provide your secret recovery phrase (SRP) or private key to anyone/links including our support agent.


Hi Mandip
I understand what you mean. Thank you for answering. FYI, I created this account and have been using it for a few months. After I transferred all BNB coins from 5 wallets (now empty) several times, I deleted the account by mistake. I reinstalled SRP and all the wallets were gone. There is only import wallet. Is it because my wallet has no coins (empty) causing the wallet to not be recalled. I looked at BCS and there is a token entered. Do I need to enter BNB coins to be able to recover the lost wallet?

Once you add an account, you cannot permanently delete it. It will exist on the blockchain forever. As mentioned above with SRP, you can just create account (add a new accoount) to recover and for imported account using private key, you can add again by importing private key.

It may not be necessary to add BNB coins. I would suggest to talk with MetaMask support team as replied previously if you have already followed above mentioned articles and unable to generate your previous wallet address.


Hi Mandip…Thank you for helping me so much. finally my wallet has returned and I am very excited and thank you…


Hi Mandip,

I saw as your guiding people with lost accounts which I have run into aswell.
I created a few accounts under my original account when I first setup MetaMask. A day ago I went to load the browser extension on Firefox and the extension didn’t load it just kept having the spinning icon I restarted computer I restarted and cleared the cache memory. But the same thing kept happening.

So I couldn’t access my other accounts or the main one to even save the private key or JSON file for the other accounts…

So the problem is that I have loaded the seed phase of my original main account which works and two other accounts have come up which is great however I have maybe two or three more accounts linked that and they didn’t have eth on the eth network so they are not showing. I dont have the address for these as they were kind of dormant and I know that if I were able to put some eth on the network for each of these account linked Prior to the last 2 days I would be able to recover the account that does have eth but was not loaded because MetaMask for some reason doesn’t load accounts with no funds on them.

I do have a log from sometime ago which would account for the creation of these accounts but I have no idea how to identify them would someone from MetaMask be able to tell me which accounts are linked to my main MetaMask account so that I could send eth to the dormant accounts to then retrieve my account that has some eth in it but lies between accounts that do not.

Main account ( working I have)
second account (working has eth on eth network )
third account (working has eth on eth network )
forth account (no eth on eth network and dont know address or private key or json file )
fith account (no eth on eth network and dont know address or private key or json file )
6th account (has eth on eth network I know address but no private key or json file )

Many thanks and regards,

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