Can make deposit of metamask to ronin

Hello, i play axie infinity and im trying to deposit the ether i have in metamask to ronin, im going to the ronin bridge page, i do all the process and when im going to confirm the transaction just fails and an error log appear at the screen in metamask, someting like:

[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC
``{“code”: 32000, message replacement transaction underpriced

or someting like that, i tried change browser and reset metamask but didn’t work
i have an withdrawl pendent in ronin but i can’t complete it because its bugged and when i click confirm the same error happens, i don’t if is this transaction that is blocking my deposit but i can’t compelte it as well

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I solved the problem changing the pryority fee the maximum possible using the advanced gas control in metamask, for those who has the same problem there some tutorials in youtube.