Can not remove E20 token from metamask

I have summited a ticket on metamask, but I am not getting a response.

I cannot remove my tokens as the max and next button is grayed out. I ended up having my GAS fees I sent to remove my funds stolen due to this issue. When I went on the metamask community forum, people have been complaining about this for a while. Some people have been saying to get around this use the mobile app so I have some questions: 1) For some reason GAS fees are extremely high on the mobile app compared to the desktop app and 2) I can’t risk sending more ETH in case the same thing happens until I have a guarantee it won’t. Can anyone let me know if this will work?

Alternatively, will connecting to uniswap and get around the grayed out button problem or will metamask will stop the funds being transferred there as well?

If anyone has any experience with this issue and how to get around it let me know.

Hey @BlueSky13, where are you trying to remove tokens from? Would you be able to provide more information? In terms of gas fees, they are not refunded when a transaction fails. You can read more on our Knowledge Base here:

It is likely that your next button is grayed out because you don’t have enough ETH to pay for gas fees. For keeping track of gas, here is a good resource: