Can't withdraw liquidity or sell tokens. Metamask error. Help!

MetaMask says “We were not able to estimate gas. There might be an error in the contract and this transaction may fail.” when I try to write and change certain functions of the contract like the router.

The main issue is the token is not allowing the removal of liquidity or selling of tokens. So any help with that will be appreciated. Bounty can be discussed if necessary for more complex help. This is the token [Doge Cardano (DADA) Token Tracker | BscScan] Token contract: 0x784536ffbda454749cfaeaec7d2f251600ac9958) Thanks all.

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Hi please use MetaMask Support remove your public address from the post pls

To have this further looked into, you can contact MetaMask support at and click the blue Start a Conversation button. A bot will try to help you initially, but you will get connected to support. We will never DM you support.

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