Can Sharing private keys lead to the Seed Phrase?


I am a freelance developer and have been developing contracts for clients , as per user’s requirement i sometimes need to share the private keys to users for the address i use for their deployment. I understand that particular address is not safe to store any funds as private key was shared so i create a new address for deployment and never use them again. But i wanted to know is that, can someone get my seed phrase using those private keys?

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Hey @Veedev, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Your Secret Recovery Phrase is actually the mnemonic version of your private key. They are essentially the same thing, meaning if somebody has access to your private key, they have access to your MetaMask wallet. Here is more information on your Knowledge Base:

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Hey @nakedwinnie,

Thanks for your input but unfortunately that does not answers the exact query, usually in most Wallets generating Seed Phrase from an address’s private key is not possible. In standard approach it should not be in Metamask as well as it is considered a security issue.
So it leaves the question again, if sharing private key of an address allows someone to generate the Mnemonic Seed Phrase (Recovery Phrase) of the complete Wallet.

Sorry for not fully answering the question the first time.

A private key will not generate the Secret Recovery Phrase, but keep in mind that sharing the private key will still allow access to the wallet address.

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Thanks alot @nakedwinnie for the clarification.

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If my MetaMask account is hacked can the hacker steal money from my bank account too?

If your MetaMask wallet account is hacked then any money in your MetaMask wallet can be taken.

Your bank account and your MetaMask wallet are separate and unrelated from each other, so your bank account will not be affected.

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