Security of Secret Recovery phrase/private keys

Hello, I have a technical question regarding MetaMask security. As we are aware, upon creating an account on MetaMask, the seed phrase is encrypted with our password and stored in local storage. However, when the browser is active and MetaMask is logged in, a password is not required to decrypt private keys for every transaction. This suggests that the private keys are stored in plain text somewhere in the program storage when the MetaMask session is active. I would like to confirm if this is correct and if so, what would happen if a user’s system and browser were hacked, and the attacker gained access to the active MetaMask session Given that a password is not required to decrypt private keys during a MetaMask session, does this mean that an attacker could easily steal the private key from the program storage and access the user’s funds without needing to enter a password? Thank you for your assistance.


I think these data are encrypted :sunglasses: if you want better security invest in a hardware wallet.


Firstly, it’s important to note that storing private keys in plain text is generally considered a significant security risk. Most modern cryptocurrency wallets use some form of encryption to protect private keys, and require users to enter a password or some other form of authentication to decrypt the keys when needed.

In the case of MetaMask, the seed phrase is indeed encrypted with the user’s password and stored in local storage. When the user logs in to MetaMask, the seed phrase is decrypted and used to generate private keys as needed for transactions. However, the private keys themselves are not stored in plain text in program storage. Instead, they are stored in an encrypted form in a key store file, which is also protected by the user’s password.

So, in theory, if an attacker gained access to the user’s active MetaMask session and was able to extract the encrypted private keys from the key store file, they would still need to crack the encryption in order to access the keys and steal the user’s funds. However, this is not an easy task, especially if the user has chosen a strong password.

It’s also worth noting that MetaMask provides additional security features, such as the ability to set up a hardware wallet or multi-factor authentication, which can further enhance the security of the user’s funds.

In summary, while there is always a risk of security breaches when using any online service, MetaMask employs several measures to protect the user’s private keys and funds. As long as the user takes appropriate precautions to protect their password and other authentication credentials, the risk of theft should be relatively low.


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