Can’t swap wrapped usdt

I imported my trust wallet account. Created custom token for Wusdt. Wusdt on the BNB smart chain is showing that the total is not loading and when I try to swap, it says quotes not available. Please advise. Thank you.
1)why is the total not loading and how can i swap as I want to unwrap the coin.
2) is it possible to have the wusdt in BNB smart chain from trust wallet be imported to linea network? If so, how do I find the contract address?

Hello @Vera321 , welcome to the MetaMask community,

Firstly, you need to make sure that the token you have is not fake. Check CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to see whether you can find the same token with the same contract address.
Where did you get the token from? What is its contract address?

If the token is not fake, to transfer it from one chain to another you need to use a cross chain bridge. The bridge must support both the token and the networks.

If you answer the above-mentioned questions, we can better assist you.


WUSDT is not USDT on BNB Chain, if that what’s you’re referring to, unless you are referring to USDT on BNB Chain as WUSDT. You can unwrap it wherever there’s liquidity to do that and for that you would need a DEX, as MetaMask Swaps is an aggregator and may not always have found liquidity for any token or pair you select.

You can’t simply get/import a token on another network. Can only do that through bridging it to that network, if at all available to be bridged, or moved to a CEX that supports depositing on the network it resides in your wallet, under a form that’s supported to be deposited ofc, and then moved to another network from that CEX, as long as the withdrawal network is available on said CEX.

This is how moving tokens between networks work, and you need to be careful as well with what tokens you’re interacting, to make sure you don’t fall for scams or into some traps of no liquidity or whatever may impair you into getting your funds back into your hands to be used further.


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