Can you restore the feature to empty a wallet ETH (dust)?

I was wondering, how to empty a wallet without leaving ETH dust, a few weeks / months before it was possible, not anymore with the updated gas fees…

Is it possible to restore this feature ? it was very convenient for us to empty a wallet when needed.

Thank you for your attention.

You can try to send all your assets to other wallet addresses through metamask many times, so that you can send the coin you own to the greatest extent. Of course, there may still be a little balance, but it is very small


Hey @lilo15, can you explain more what feature this was, and what you mean by updated gas fees? Is this in reference to EIP-1559?


With the old version we could simply empty your ETH wallet by clicking on “max”.
Now it’s no longer possible since several weeks, maybe months.
Updated fees, I mean since the last version fees automatically adapts but I can not empty my wallet, there is often ETH dust left.


That button should still be there
Screenshot 2022-04-05 123950

What network are you on? Is your MetaMask wallet updated?


that’s not what I mean… if I put the max here, I will have some dust left, I’m looking for a way to make it completely empty, before it was possible
I have trouble making myself understood, especially since I can’t get the old version to show…


Can you explain how it was possible before? I’m sorry I’m unfamiliar with this old feature :sweat_smile:


It can’t be completely cleared now, because after the ETH price rises dozens of times, due to the problem of accuracy setting, a small amount of balance can be seen in the wallet. In fact, a little eth will be left in the past, but a small amount of balance is not displayed due to the small value and display accuracy. However, this has no impact on the use :rofl:


I also would like to know how I can completely empty an amount (in my case it’s FTM on the Fantom Network). I wanted to send out everything on the address, so I clicked “max”. However, the FTM gas fees changed all the time and it left a tiny amount left on this address which is really annoying. Is it impossible to send out the whole amount (with every decimal) with MetaMask?


Hi @mm-user and welcome to MetaMask community.

You cannot completely empty an account as you are required to have some amount of the native token of the network from which you send the transaction, for fees, and the value varies according to the respective network.