Cannot connect to any web3 sites on new laptop


I’ve recently purchased a new HP laptop and I cannot connect to any web3 sites on it. I’ve tried connecting to dapps on multiple blockchains, and on multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Brave). All my attempts just show error connecting.

I’ve tried updating my drivers, reinstalling my browsers and MetaMask but have no luck. I’ve been able to connect from other computers on the same network.

Any suggestions for things to try or how to debug the issue?


Hello, do you pay attention to the connection status in the upper left corner of the MetaMask plug-in? Sometimes we need to click the connection manually. In addition, you can check your plug-in settings: extension program - Management Extension Program - click on the details of MetaMask - allow this extension program to read and change all the data retained on the website you visit, and then select “on all websites”


I have tried your suggestion. I am able to connect to Uniswap manually from MetaMask but Uniswap does not recognize the connection.

I checked my MetaMask settings and it already has permission to read and change data on all sites.


Is there anything specifically displayed? When connecting to uniswap, have you clicked the MetaMask avatar again to confirm the connection? Sometimes you need to manually click the MetaMask avatar again to connect. You can send the screenshot to have a look.


No specific error, just tells me there is an error after I select MetaMask as my wallet.

I’ve attached a screenshot.



Very strange. Can you open in browser developer tools > console at the time of the error and show the error logs


Confirming when you followed @Tksly 's initial suggestion for manually connecting, you followed these steps?

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When clicking connect wallet on Chrome, there are no logs being written to console.

When refreshing the site, these are the logs:

When clicking connect wallet on Brave, I see a couple of errors:


Yes, I followed those steps and was not able to connect.


Hello @davzhou.

In addition to everything suggested above, it would be best if you contact Support team at and click Start a conversation


Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.


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