Cannot See Main Account in Wallet

Hey Guys,

I dont know what the heck I did but for some reason my accounts are all whacky. I can no longer see my main account in my wallet, only when I click on “portfolio”.

Is there a way to rest my accounts in the wallet?

  1. Reopen browser and relog onto your mm wallet.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Make sure you’re using the latest version of mm wallet.

Let me know if any of those methods help.

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Okay! How do I check for latest version?

Okay, okay that worked and now I can see the balance of my main account BUT when I click on it it shows me the balance of another account. Weird haha

Hi 2Cu4,

I guess I cant send you a screenshot but as I mentioned I am now able see my main account / total balance when I login to MM and I can see 4 small circles that look like letters inside and +37 below the total balance but when I click on the account it only shows me the total balance of my ETH and all my alt coins are in disarray and random going down weirdly formatted page. . some alts showing $ amounts and some not.

Unlike my portfolio where everything is nice and organized starting with my biggest holds and everything shows token and dollar amounts in a nicely formatted page.

I spot checked a few alts and the dollar amounts between the wallet and portfolio and arent the same. Its very strange and starting to worry me!

Basically, the differences between my portfolio and the wallet that I connect to sites and DEXs with are like night and day. The portfolio page is super nice and professional looking and the wallet looks like a friggen train wreck.

Is it possible it some how became corrupt?

I’d recommend reaching out to the MetaMask team here:
Click on the “Start a conversation” blue box. This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent. Keep interacting with the bot until it redirects you to an agent.


Will do! Thank you!!

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