Account visible in Portfolio but not in MM Chrome App


I have the following issue. Some time ago my MM chrome extension got lost. I simply wanted to login and the only option was to import or create. I recovered it using recovery seed and then adding accounts restored my accounts. Recently I was browsing and noticed that there is one more account there that I do not see when I login on to the browser exetension. The account is not empty. I tried adding more accounts like initially but this account is not showing up. Since it’s visible along with the ones I have in portfolio the information about it must be on my PC. Can you help me to restore it?

Thank you!

@fila is it holding tokens on another network than Ethereum Mainnet?


Yes, it does not have any ETH tokens but some Polygon ones.

Gotcha. To confirm, none of the addresses popping up match the address itself not the assets)?

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Yes. Some random, new addresses are showing up wihtout any balance there.

Did you ever have another MetaMask wallet, with a different Secret Recovery Phrase?

Or, did you ever import an address?

Lastly, check out this thread, some of the recommendations may help.

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Yes, I had/have different MM wallet as well but on a different browser. I did not have to import other addresses if I remember correctly as they just showed up simply by adding them afer I recreated my MM (it dissapeared from my Chrome).

Do you think my best shot is to try using the tool from other thread? I have seen it but was hoping since my account is visible in portfolio it might be easier.

You can use the tool to see if that account is part of your MetaMask wallet.

Is it possible that the account you see in Portfolio was an address you added as a watched address?


Hey, this was not added as watched for sure. I will check the tool then.


it looks like I introduced a lot of confusion here. It appears that my account was not added as it was an account coming from hardware wallet. I somehow missed that. After importing HW wallet account the one I was missing is visible. Sorry for the time wasted and thank you for your help.


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