Account not showing on restored wallet

I restored my wallet onto my desktop extension and my account#2 with all my crypto in hasnt restored only #1. I was unaware i needed any private keys for this account i just assumed it would appear back in my wallet when i restored it as i hadnt deleted it from my wallet previously. Metamask says as long as it wasnt an imported wallet, which it wasnt, then by clicking on add wallet it will re appear but this isnt the case it just adds new wallets with completley different addresses from my wallet with the crypto in. I’m on the Bip39 website which generates all the possible addresses and private keys related to your seed phrase but its a very long process and im up to 30,000 now. does any1 know how many possible accounts there can be linked to each wallet or is it in the millions? As i think this is the only way i will be able to locate the private key i need to access the lost account. I see a lot of other ppl on here having the same issue and think its just scandalous how metamask can have such a flaw in there technology

I got the same problem,i have been on bip-39 for days to generated more than 100000 account but still did not see the one I used to have.emailed the metamask support and still waiting.

Please make sure that the account that you are looking for is from the same wallet with the same Secret Recovery Phrase. Afterwards, you can create an account to add back your accounts.

Please refer to our article on the Knowledge Base for more info:

And that link u sent doesn’t work , it says to press add account and it will re appear but pressing add account just brings up new accounts with different addresses and no funds in not my old one that I’m missing.

Sorry to hear that your account is still not appearing, I have submitted a ticket to our support team for you.

If you are also interested, there is a bug bounty for this issue: Metamask Security Advisory and Bug Bounty for Seed Phrase Concern | by Dan Finlay | MetaMask | Medium