I cant find my account

Good afternoon I can’t recover my account. Sid’s phrase is exactly right, i has already created more than 100 accounts, but the desired address has not appeared. What i need to do?

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Hi @user743, welcome to MetaMask community!

You can use this tool to search for the account you’re looking for based on your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Also, take a look at this article and make sure you went through each point.


Hi @user743 and welcome to MetaMask community.
The suggestions givens by @Chinzilla are great. Did you try following them ? (make sure you are using a device NOT CONNECTED TO INTERNET!!! for mnemonic account generator, it’s not safe)

Also, as additional questions that might be helpful:

  • do you use laptop /desktop or mobile/tablet for MetaMask ? Or several devices?
  • Which OS ((Windows, iOS, other?
  • Which browser MetaMask extension is installed on?
    Regarding to all this different criteria it is possible to try several solutions (without any guaranty, sadly)

Let me know, too, when exactly did you lost the access to your account and what happened before?

Have a nice day.


hello @Chinzilla ! Thnx for recommendation, but It didn’t work. I know the address, unfortunately it is not in the list that the generator gave out.

Hello @MomOfTwins !

  1. I use laptop
  2. Windows
  3. Its chrome

I created this wallet a year and a half ago. This is one of two MetaMask wallets with different secret phrases. It was originally created on windows, didn’t use it for a long time, but about a year after it was created, it launched on mac. Now I already have another windows and it is simply impossible to find this account by the secret phrase, I do not know what to do. I can write the account address if it helps

Hello @user743

Did you check the booths (two) secret phrases to see if your lost account belongs to one of them? No need to write the account, even it is safe to write public address.

When for the las time you were able to connect to the lost account and on which device? Do you remember the exact day? Could you verify if you have restore point (for Windows) before that date? And also a back-up point for MAC, on the date when you were able (or before that date) to eccess to your account?
Keep me updated and ask any question if you need!


Hi @user743 !

Whether any of the suggestions was useful for you?



Unfortunately, nothing happened. I checked both wallets, not one of them did not find the right address, and I do not have access to the old computer. It’s very strange that he just disappeared

Is it possible that this was an imported account?


Definitely not, it was the very first account :slightly_smiling_face:

If you used Mnemonic Account Generator with both of the secret phrases you mentioned and still did not find the account, and you are sure that the account you are looking for is not an imported account, then it is possible that the account was from another secret phrase. If it was your very first account you also do not need to create more accounts within that MetaMask wallet to find it, it will be the first one that appears.


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