Cannot send My USDC from MM to Binance

Hi there! I send 195 USDC from Metamask (eth mainnet) to Binance (eth mainnet) I had enough ETH to pay for gas. I clicked “send” and the operation was created, but the money was not withdrawn from the account, and the money has not been sent for 3 days. It says “pending”. I cannot cancel the transaction because I have no more money. Please help me send my USDC
id - 0xb8234b5ea8aebef6b5fbe11e27e11b4e72b55d79565ef61a77e792e58d0cc637

Hey @briandobro, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

For pending transactions, you can either speed up, cancel, or wait for the transaction to finish.

Here is some more info on our Knowledge Base:

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