Cannot unlock without a previous vault

Hello guys! I have problem with my metamask.
I don’t use metamask some hours and when I open I see metamask ask my pass login.I know my password but I see error “cannot unlock without a precious vault”
I use IOS IPhone 11 metamask app.
I don’t save my seed phrase(((
So what I must to do?

No I don’t have. I don’t have to much money on the wallet. I just close app and next time when I open I see this. But I know my password

I can’t send picture here.
I see this Error : Cannot unlock without a previous vault

So guys what I must to do? It’s some bug with metamask. Becouse right password don’t work

Guys I just close metamask and when I open I see this.I know my password but they don’t work.
I don’t save seed phrase

Guys at this moment I back control to my wallet.
All funds safe!
So I can’t enter to metamask with password and I just delete my metamask app from IPhone.
Then I install metamask again and I import my metamask phrase from other wallet and enter to metamask and then I add menu I create new wallet and old wallet back

Hey i need help brother, I deleted metamask app, then a installed again, I putted my 12 words and I don’t have any token and nft , you know how to have my funds again ?