Cannot withdraw fund

I cannot send my fund to my other wallet i had tried multiple times to my binance and other wallet…this only happen after i reinstall the metamask as advise by the dpet team as i cannot play the game. Kindly advise what to do. Thank you


Thanks bro

Ok bro…thank you very much

I cannot open the website that you gave to me

It is asking all my information even the seed phrase. I see in reddit that they had been hack as they use a website to restore their wallet and it is look legit…thank you for the help i will check first all the information…thank you very much for all the help

@graft You don’t need any stupid walletrestores page :roll_eyes: Luiggl is scammer.

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@Luigi I think Metasupport is also a scammer. He is supporting your impersonator.

Hi @enamoka24 yes it’s a scammer :eyes: fake support. Will get banned.