I changed networks on MetaMask (ETH/Songbird) to check my Exfi balance but when I tried to return to ETH network, MetaMask don’t give me this option to swap networks again and at the same time keep me asking to chance network to be able to access my ETH account. (I set up this MetaMask ETH account to be able to stake AGIX that are in my Ledger ETH wallet). So, I then restored MetaMask to try to get access to my account but it created a new account instead of opening the account I am looking for. (this account was open with a Ledger ETH wallet, and I have been said I have now to access “daapkits” (with my 12 Ledger secret words) to restore my MetaMask wallet with this Ledger ETH account that is missing. Dunno what to do really. As far as I know, should not disclose Ledger secret words to anybody.


Hey @Thander10, you are correct that you should never share your phrase with anybody.

When you recover your MetaMask wallet, you will need to connect your Ledger wallet to your MetaMask wallet again. Your Ledger wallet is a separate wallet and will have a separate address from your MetaMask wallet.

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in normal case (that people use Ledger)
you have 2 seed
one of them create by metamask
one of them create by Ledger

ANS:you have to import

If your money is in old account 2 3 4 5
ANS:you have to create to see

***you should never share your phrase with anybody.

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