Losing Access to my Account

People help! A little over a month ago, I created a metomask and wrote down the original phrase. Then I transferred the polcostarter tokens. Today I forgot my password and decided to restore my account with a secret phrase. I don’t know why, but on the restored account there are no ethereumrvs and half-starters. Maybe they need to be imported, but I don’t know how. The phrase is correct, but the account is empty. I did not change the browser and did not reinstall the metomax. How can I get my funds back? if someone helps me with a bonus of $ 100, I promise

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Молю о помощи. я уверен что фраза верная. Почему нет моего баланса?

You use the network Ethereum Mainnet or Binance Smart Chain?
You have tracked transactions on etherscan.io or bscscan.com?
Metamask wallet displays the correct ETH address?

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You will need to be sure to add any RPC networks and custom tokens that you previously had associated with your wallet, in order to view your token balance.

You can also enable token detection.

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@Dimas13 Дима, ты решил проблему?

In the Metamask I swapped Networks (ETH/Songbird) to verify balances, but when I tried to return to Ether Network I couldn’t. Then I did the “recovered thing” when I was asked for the 12 secret words. In the end, Metamask opens a new account and I can’t get access to my previous account (ETH Network) where I hold my coins. I can see this ETH account on Etherscan with my coins but can’t access it with metamask. I can’t even find it with my 12 secret words in the Please help.

Hey @Thander10, please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: