Can't access the screen to enter my recovery phrase

Are MetaMask and the Community two different entities? I tried to set up a new wallet and I get an email that an account already exists for my email. And when I mark the password as forgotten and set a new one, I get to the community, but don’t see where I can enter my recovery phrase to access my wallet…

Hi @cpkdr ,

The MetaMask community (here) is a forum where you can ask questions to the community for assistance. You register for your account on the forum with your email.

Your MetaMask wallet does not and will never ask you for your email. So these two are separate in the sense that MetaMask will never register you to your wallet.

Remember if you ever get an email saying otherwise, it’s a scam. Never give your seed phrase to anyone, including support. Also never input it on a website asking for it for verification, regardless of how legit it looks.


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