Cant back up private key

hi i have both metamask desktop and phone version i was trying to remove liquidty from something it kept saying failed then i increased the gas fee then it still wasnt going through so i clicked cancel waiting hour for the cancel nothing happend in the mean while i relaised that the desktop and mobile version was showing a different balance keeping in my that the transaction stilll didnt process.

anyways i was told to restart metamask and it seems the seed phrase i was told to back up doesnt bring back my 2 binance smart chain accounts i had on the metamask and i need a private key so i went to my mobile version i seen a private key section but when i click it and enter my password iit says click next when i click on next it seems nothing happens so i cant even back up the pirvate key maybe its a bug im on the latest metamask app store version on iphone 12 please help i had all my money on it