Can't connect to any dapp, only Chrome

Hello there,

since approximately 1 month, it became impossible to connect to any dapp on any blockchain with my metamask on chrome. Already used dapp or new, it’s the same. Basicaly it says on any site ‘error connecting’. It works fine fine on brave, but i would like to only use chrome for compatibility purposes.

I’ve tried :
- waiting for updates, and manually update on both chrome and metamask
- uninstall/reinstall both chrome and metamask
- cleared chrome cache and every browsing data
- reset metamask in advanced options
- manually connect to dapp

Only metamask doesn’t work, wallets like argent x work fine. Do you have any idea ?

Thanks in advance.


Hello, have you tried to switch back and forth the chain at the top of metamask? Sometimes this method will work. Switch back and forth between multiple chains, and then switch to the chain you need to connect. Try it first. If it doesn’t work, welcome to propose it again. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the reply, i’ve tried several times, still displaying the same error.

I’m currently trying on stellaswap and uniswap. ‘Error connecting. Try again.’ for stellaswap, and ‘Error connecting The connection attempt failed. Please click try again and follow the steps to connect in your wallet.’ on uniswap.

Each time I’m using one dapp with the other closed to avoid clonflicts.

You can wait patiently for answers from other professionals, and you can also submit questions to the help desk

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I guess live chat is temporarily disabled.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Hey @Tch4ng and welcome to the community.

This article should help out with that issue so you can proceed with contacting support.

Let me know if it worked out.


Thanks @Chinzilla, I disabled ‘Site privacy protection’ in Duckduckgo privacy essentials extension and the button appeared.

Now connected with the chat. :+1:


If anyone has the same problem, they are currently investigating this problem, so no solution for now .


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