Cant find privat key, i have tried everything

Help me! Cant find privat key

Logged info metamask with my seed phrase on a new pc, my accounts did not show up, so i checked the original pc and it was logged out of metamask, due to a login on an other browser (i have never been automatically logged out of metamask before, except for this one time). I downloaded the State Logs from the metamask i am logged into atm, and found transactions in altcoins i have in my wallet with the ETH adresse i am looking for. So i have come to the conclusion that this is the right seed phrase.

I can log into metamask with the seed phrase but my account is not there, i need the privat key to import it

I have the chrome/Brave extension. I have more than one eth adress inside metamask, but they are made with «+ create account» not import account, so all of them should come back when i click «+ create account», it does not work tho.

Cant find my privat key so i went in iancoleman Io /bip39/ (offline) to find the privat key, but i cant find it even tho i have the seed phrase and eth adress. i have searched trough 10.000 eth adresses with BIP 44 and keyword search (keyword: my eth adress) i have tried to Choose BIP32 with Derivation Path: m/44’/60’/0’ and m/44’/60’/0’/0
i have tried for like 10 hours with the with no success… please help me!