Can't recover account

Hi it seems as if my account seed phrase is the same as it was prior. This time i signed on to metamask there was a whole new account with no coins. I can’t add a new account because I don’t have the private keys. Everything checks out on etherscan with my old account. i only know it because I connected my wallet to Zerion. So that has my old account address from the other metamask account, but my new account number in the metamask is different than the one I connected to zerion

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A lot off people including my self have big problems after reinstall login in with old seed phrase.
My account adress is total different. And imported second account is also a new adress
Hope they give some explanation on this issue soon.

Don’t fall for any help with fake admins who wants to help you to connect your wallet true a link in here.
Always look at the profile… Admins don’t have a two weeks old account lol

I have the same problem, my ETH is showing at zero after entering the seed phrase in the newly created account. can anyone find the solution to this problem???

Same issue here…looks like Metamask support doesnt care…im sure about my seed, but shows a different account when restored…

I have the exact same problem and it is so frustrating. Why was it designed so poorly that something like this happened. I sent a support ticket and hope they are able to provide a solution. Have to wait seven days.

I have the same issue and i dont think anyone knows how to fix this, the private key wasnt giving to me when i signed otherwise i would have written it down with the seed phrase, this exact thing happen to me, i can have a completely different wallet address and i even have screenshots to prove it. Please keep us updated if you have a resolution


I’ve reset my wallet and entered the original seed phrase and my wallet but my wallet has come back empty, I have also been able to find some of my coins on Etherscan but don’t know how to get them back, could I get some help, assistance or direction please.

Many thanks

Merhaba sanırım yorumlarda olanların aynısı benim başımda haklasık bir hafta oldu ve hala geri dönüş olmadı…
Bana verilen tohum kelimeler ile hesabımı geri aldıgımda hesabım içindeki bakiye yok olmus vaziyette. ama ben bu hesabı mı pankekswpta görebiliyorum yani orda kayıtlı olan hesabımdan bakiye mi görüyorum yalnız metamask boş… artık yardımcı olun insanlar mağdur…

We are everybody in the same situation, waiting for support.

Its not good at all and poor customer service

Hi, check this solution:

Thanks, I’m doing on my mobile which is on android. On the etherscan I see says

Filtered by token holder and an address

i hope to see at home the transation address

I think the address is my original MM wallet but it didn’t go back or link up when I reset

Bu sorun daha ne kadar devam edecek ? lutfen yardımcı olın artık cüzdan adresimi verebilirim pankek swap’a bağlanıp size bakiyemi gösterebilirim ama vermiş oldugunuz 12 tohum kelimesini kullnp girdiğimde cüzdanım bombos ? böyle saçmalık olur mu vermiş oldugunuz kelimelerle giriyorum bakiyemiz boş gözüküyor ve siz yardımcı olmuyorsunuz ?

aynı sorun bende de var metamask güvenilir degil bence

Bu yorumları kim görecek ? neden kimse cvp vermiyor ?

I was sable to solve my problem. I’m not sure what happened but it seems like a new seed phrase was created idk how. Luckily I took a picture of my older seed code and it worked very weird.

I faced the same problem and my account is recovered now i can help you if you want.