Can't recover account

Yes please the same this has happened to me. How did you fix yours?


Redownload your meta mask walletLogin with your 12 digits phrase key
There will be account with name account 1
Create 3 to 4 new accounts until your old account appears

problem is if it was imported account you need private key from previous account,
I had portis wallet I imported long time in metamask, then I got seed phrase I thought thats it in future if I forget password wit this seed phrase I will recover, NOPE!!! Today was a hell few hours I couldnt understand because I was 100% sure seed phrase is right yet when I resotre and create even account 2 its different, then I slowly remebered that I imported from portis, I went to portis got my private key and imported again, but its extremely confusing I think many many peoople fall for this because when you finally use metamask you got take your seed phrase and you think thats it in future that is all i need. BUT NOPE you still need old wallet private key