Help me! Cant find privat key

Logged info metamask with my seed phrase on a new pc, my accounts did not show up, so i checked the original pc and it was logged out of metamask, due to a login on an other browser (i have never been automatically logged out of metamask before, except for this one time). I downloaded the State Logs from the metamask i am logged into atm, and found transactions in altcoins i have in my wallet with the ETH adresse i am looking for. So i have come to the conclusion that this is the right seed phrase.

I can log into metamask with the seed phrase but my account is not there, i need the privat key to import it

I have the chrome/Brave extension. I have more than one eth adress inside metamask, but they are made with «+ create account» not import account, so all of them should come back when i click «+ create account», it does not work tho.

Cant find my privat key so i went in iancoleman Io /bip39/ (offline) to find the privat key, but i cant find the privat key even tho i have the seed phrase and eth adress. i have searched trough 10.000 eth adresses with BIP 44 and keyword search (my eth adress) i have tried to Choose BIP32 with Derivation Path: m/44’/60’/0’ and m/44’/60’/0’/0
i have tried for like 10 hours with the with no success… please help me!

Same Here I Just Made A Post Asking For Help With This Issue But I’ve Only Done Mobile No Desktop

bro, tell me how to restore the metamask in the mobile app

mate me too wtf happening

Bro Nothing Has Worked When I Use My Seed To Search Up The Address On The Tool , I Don’t Even See My OG ETH Public Key , But I Checked It & It’s All Still The Same (No Funds Touched) So Idk This Is Really Wild Tho