Metamask Private Key

Is there any chance to retrieve my account private keys? i reformat my pc without saving my private keys.

Are you looking to retrieve the 12 words secret recovery phrase or the 64 character private key?

if you have a back up of the browser with the working MetaMask, you can try the methods in this article.
This will help in recovering the secret recovery phrase.

If you’re looking for the private key to an account that was imported, the above methods won’t help, you will need to first recover the account where the private key came from using that secret recovery phrase.

What if the word seed is opening a different account? how to recover the previous account? the words seeds are correct, but it looks like a bug deleted the metamask wallet account! I’ve seen several identical reports and it looks like metamask is ignoring this issue!

It is highly unlikely that the same secret recovery phrase recovers a different wallet. If you can help to provide technical proof on this, we do have a bounty worth 10 ETH.

Cases like these are often wallets from a different set of secret recovery phrase or it was originally imported.

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