Can't login using Metamask Browser app

Whenever I login from games that has metamask login this message “please install metamask” always pops up even though i am already at metamask browser. how to fix this?

@Galle94 Scammer Mario5 needs know how much money you have?

and next scammer @Matte posting magic page :grin: will solve all problems
you will lose all cryptocurrencies after using it

There are more scammers than admins :rofl: completely wrong

@Matte Thank you very much :rofl: you will not deceive me. I using cryptocurrencies for 7 years and this site is just a stupid scam.

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OK :rofl: I will send you a seed with 0 ETH

I see a lot of scammers here :slightly_smiling_face: that is sad

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by the time they said about giving address wallets or giving links i already flagged them hahah

Just don’t explain. although I am thankful for you trying to help me but unfortunately I read rules and warnings of the dev. May this be an example for others who don’t know and might get scammed. NEVER give them your addresses or click links they give. ALWAYS read the rules first before trying to do something. You can give your public addresses for transactions like recieving coins and the likes but not the private address. You can term them as Public Address = Email address, Private Key(Private address) = Password. You can display your emails but not your password right? stay safe everyone and pls fix my problems now btw ahahah

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@ranncloud45 Thanks for you advice. I solved it. First add the BSC network in the Metamask app. Then copy the PVU login url from any browser (…/farm#/login) (do it yourself) and paste it in the Metamask embedded browser. Finally try to login with Metamask. It worked to me.

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