Metamask keeps forgetting my password and none of my coins are showing up

Every time I log out of metamask and try to log back in I have to use my seed phrase because it keeps telling me my password is incorrect.
Also none of my tokens or balances are showing up in the wallet anymore even though etherscan says it’s there.
Sorry if this has been asked before, I just couldnt find any resolution for it through my searching. Thank you guys in advance. :pray:

I am experiencing a similar issue. Tried logging on meta this morning and it asked that I delete my wallet and just reimport using seed phrase. Did so and now all my tribe are gone, but eth still showing.

For me it didnt even say anything besides “incorrect password”.

Hmm, have you been able to get a hold of someone on metamask?

I mean I went to the subreddit and it said to post here for support. So i assumed I just wait for someone from metamask to reply. Or do you know if there is another option for contacting them?

No I did the same thing you did. says it could be 7 days before they get back to me. Aids.

shittt. oh well at least our stuff is still there. fingers crossed so we can resolve this quick, mate.

Yeah, I’m sure it’ll all work out.

Same problem. Every time I open MM in Brave, Edge or Chrome I have to enter my seed phrase because MM fails to recognize my password. I have multiple profiles and they all do it. Not a new problem. It’s been this way since I first installed the extension and it does it on both desktop and laptop.