Metamask mobile error, forgot 12 seed phrase, help me

my app on iphone suddenly error. i still log in app but nothing show, all my wallet lost and cant show
on screen. i cant create new account
but still import acccount. but i cant get my 12 seed
phrase in app, nothing show.

please help me, how can i recover my seed phrase,


Hey @mabubeo86, please go to and click the blue Start a conversation button to contact the support team


thanks, i was supporrted and now
i wait email, hope i can recover my wallet

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i cant do nothing anyone help me, support by MetaMask so slow

Hi @mabubeo86

You will want to wait for a response from support. It should be soon, hang in there!

they said this is a known bug that is currently being investigated. i want to know how can i access all my fund and my wallet. anynone help me, MetaMask support team still give me answer

You can import an account to another instance of MetaMask. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Please continue communicating with the support team and asking further questions there.

but i havent 12 seed phrase, now i can log in to my MetaMask app but i can get my 12 seed phrase, my app show nothing although log in

anyone same issue? so sad

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