I can't access my metamask account

I cant access my MetaMask account. Not a single thing. It always shows error. Can’t see anything. No balance no address. Nothing. It looks like everything gone disappear. When i try to backup my seedhphrase it also shows error.
When i click on anything it shows this error. :point_down:

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TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘e.toLowerCase’)

And then i tried to backup my seedhphrase. I click on it. Then it ask for password. I put correct password again and then it asked me to long click on " hold to reveal SRP"
I did the same but it shows nothing and put me back on that password page.

Hello @user2173 !
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What browser are you using and what version of MetaMask wallet ?
Can I assume that you do not remember your seed phrase and did not save it in a safe offline place ?


Yes i didn’t save my seed phrase on day 1. But later i faced this issue. I am using mobile app.

I am using 6.6.0 version of mobile app. Yes i didn’t save my seed phrase on day 1. Then later i got this issue.

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@user2173 You hold down button Hold to reveal SRP for a while (about 5 seconds), right?

Can you please reach out to MetaMask Support so they can dig deeper into this ?

Choose Start a Conversation > answer few questions from the bot and you will be connected to a support agent.

If you can’t find the Start a Conversation button, please try the steps in this article:


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