Got logged out from account, used seed phrase to log back in but now all funds are gone and Metamask support ignoring me

I was logged out of my metamask extension in chrome and mobile app which I found out last week. I had to use my seed phrase to log back in which worked, but now my funds are at 0 and there is no history of transactions.

Worse still, I’m not getting any response from Metamask support. I had four coins in my wallet, with an initial value of around $4,000.

Their automated response is which is of no help is: "You are experiencing this due to the release of our latest 3.0.1 version. We have had a popup enabled in MetaMask Mobile notifying users regarding this change in advance.

Please see the following page for more information and troubleshooting/next steps:"

The mobile app isn’t working either and prompts me to delete the wallet which will apparently cause all my assets to disappear so I don’t want to do that yet!

Can anyone advise? Thank you!

FF. my account seed phrase has been stolen and took away all my ITAM Token.