Can't transfer tokens. MetaMask Tickets #244719 and #245259

I cannot send tokens from my metamask wallet accounts. I can receive and stake tokens, but cannot send between accounts or to exchanges or other wallets. Please help urgently as I’ve already made two requests, have received no help and my tokens cannot be transferred as necessary. If you check my MetaMask Tickets #244719 and #245259 you will see transaction hash numbers and screenshots. Thank you.

Are you stuck on loading screens? coz mine is stuck on loading screen when sending tokens

I have had the same issues. They take my Eth but won’t let me send it anywhere else. Ticket #222622 still waiting for an answer!

No I am not stuck on loading screens.
I have now got to the stage I can transfer between accounts if I only send whole numbers of
tokens. This is an improvement but is not good enough as I am leaving fractions of tokens in my accounts which will never be economical to transfer on their own.

Please fix this or help in some way.

Yes, they are taking my eth each time as well when tokens are going nowhere.

This is the response I got from metamask today to my tickets:

“It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, this is a friendly reminder that we’re looking forward to your response.
If you’d like to provide an update, or require more time to work through our latest comment or automatic suggestion simply reply to this email.”

They haven’t made a comment and I told them days ago there automatic suggestion was not relevant.

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the MetaMask community.
Thank you so much for being so patient. We do understand these can be frustrating times and as much as we would love to get to your questions as soon as possible, opening multiple tickets regarding the same issue will only delay the response to your questions and others. We kindly ask you to refrain from doing so.

@brencel Regarding the stuck transaction, after investigating the said transaction on a block explorer, it does seem it ran out of gas.
The stuck transaction can be fixed by increasing the gas limit value.
What’s happening is that the limit is met before the transaction is finished.
The gas limit value indicates how much gas one is willing to spend on a transaction. It is a fail-safe mechanism.

@limbogz if the transaction cannot be found a block explorer, try resetting the wallet, Please note this will not require your seed /secret recovery phrase.

Hi Karen

I paid the fast gas speed each time, I tried to speed up the transaction each time and I had and
have plenty of gas in my account. As I have stated I can now transfer if I only transfer whole tokens
and leave out fractions of coins, which is very unsatisfactory. However, this clearly proves it is not a shortage of gas causing
the problem. Please help.

We have heard of some issues concerning the whole number needs to be used for the tokens.
What you mentioned indeed can be very problematic.
The estimate of the gas limit values most of the time comes from the contract used to create the transaction and a simulated transaction, we can definitely take a deeper look here.
Would help to share more either here or on your ticket, the detailed steps use to create the transactions? This include the dapp you were using. ( Perhaps sharing this info on the ticket would be a better choice.)

Hi Isq

Thanks for the prompt reply. Some tokens purchased via mistx and went from uniswap to metamask account.
Some were rewards claimed. None would transfer between metamask accounts or could be sent to hard wallet if
fractions invoved.
Is there any other specific information I can give you?

Thank you for sharing those.
Can you also help to send over the state log through the support ticket
I think some example would be helpful as well.
Let’s say you’re trying to send 0.009 but it would only work if you send 1? It would be great if you can provide these example on the ticket. I can’t remember if you’ve included this already, please do mention the exact token you are working with.
Thank you again.

Also, is it a really long fraction?
Can you help to take a quick look here and see if this is the case? Allow numbers longer than 15 places · Issue #6310 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub

Hi Isq

Thank you, the transactions in question were all over 15 decimal places.

Just sent tokens with 8 decimal places, 11 units in total. No problem.

I had a transaction today between 2 metamask accounts and it failed for the same reason, no gas, until i cut the number of places from 11 to 5. This is less satisfactory and can be expensive.