Change seed phrase

Seed phrase changes would prevent malicious entities that discovered the seed phrase from accessing defi apps that you use with your MetaMask wallet.
It would allow continued user of the same account with the assurance that any previous time the private seed please was compromises/stolen the malicious party can’t use it anymore.

Improve security



Cool idea. But it’s unfortunately not possible.

The public wallet address is derived from the Secret Recovery Phrase.
IE: run the SRP through a specific set of mathematical steps, the private key and public wallet address (aka a keypair) is the result.

Best way to keep your accounts secure is to keep your information secure. Don’t share your SRP/private keys with anyone. Don’t connect your wallet to a dapp unless you are certain you can trust it.

If you use the extension, I highly recommend checking out the Transaction Insights category of Snaps. (https:/ Each on uses a different approach to watch for scams. They provide you with additional info before signing txns, so users have more information to make more informed decisions.

Some more info on scams:


The proposed change involving seed phrases aims to enhance the security of your MetaMask wallet and the decentralized finance (DeFi) apps you use. By implementing this change, it would prevent malicious entities who might have discovered your seed phrase from gaining access to your DeFi apps through your MetaMask wallet. This means that even if your seed phrase was compromised or stolen in the past, the malicious party would no longer be able to utilize it.

The primary purpose of this change is to bolster security for MetaMask users, providing them with peace of mind that their accounts remain protected. Whether you’re using MetaMask as a browser extension or on a mobile device, this improvement in security would apply to both, ensuring a safer experience.