Chrome metamask acc

Hi last week i added metamask to chrome browser I have a password for metamask and now just created another for this ? a longer one … To date i have received no seed information as such i cannot even get into the programme to correct the fact that i keep seeing the extended links in Indonesian i have sort the answers to Changing languages in meta but as i say i cannot access the next steps to change language and importantly have not received the secure log with SEED stuff as yet ? spent too many hours on this HELP is greatly appreciated

Donna what? :see_no_evil: Forgot your Metamask password?

Hi Luigi
I was setting up the metamask extension a month back in CHROME and all the instructions after were in INDONESIAN i have corrected this in my settings but meta mask is still in INDO so i removed the extension and reinstalled and it still says WELCOME to meta mask LOGIN so I hit login and ALL is in Indonesian You see i haven’t yet got to the stage of the secret back up phrase because i cannot understand the instructions being in Indonesian
HELP !!! over it

Hi @Donna search for this icon :point_right: :gear:

Picture guide :point_down:

How to Reveal Your Seed Phrase:

Hi Luigi’

I didn’t have a wallet from the get go as the account was in Indonesian so I didn’t follow through …

But I winged it and then got My seed phrase and then had a a wallet and then and only then was able to change the language🙄 which still feels a bit weird on a security level because why in the first place was it in Indonesian? iv cleared that it wasnt something inside my pc settings but was something from inside the meta mask end.



Really I don’t know :smiley: sorry Donna

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